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  • China and Russia Planning $230bn Moscow-Beijing High Speed Rail Link
    The respective governments of China and Russia are seriously considering the idea of building a high-speed railway line between their two capital cities, according to reports.

    The Beijing Times said that the line, which would be over 7,000 kilometres but cutting the Trans-Siberian railway journey from six days to two, would cost in excess of $230bn (£142.9bn, €179.5bn) if it is to connect Moscow and Beijing via a high-speed railway line.

    If it were to be completed, it would be triple the length of the world's longest high-speed line which runs from Beijing to Guangzhou.

    Wang Meng-shu, a tunnel and railway expert at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, told the Beijing Times: "If the funds are raised smoothly... the line can be completed in five years at the quickest."

    Vladmir Putin and Premier Li Keqiang signed a memorandum of understanding when China's head of government travelled to Moscow earlier in the week, with the duo outlining their interested in building a high-speed link between Moscow and Kazan in the Tatarstan region, an area which holds vast amount of oil, China Central Television (CCTV) reported.

    It was reported earlier in the year that China was considering building a 13,000km high-speed railway line that would run from Beijing to east coast US.

    The line, creatively dubbed the China-Russia-Canada-America line, would begin in Beijing, travel north through Siberia, and under the Bering Strait to Alaska before heading south through Canada to reach its final - unspecified - destination in the United States.

    China and Russia Planning $230bn Moscow-Beijing High Speed Rail Link
    The line would run from Beijing to Moscow and take two days.
  • Imagine a network of Australian National HSR Training Colleges?
    "The UK is setting up a National College to train the 2,000 apprentices they will need for their new high speed rail line. The home of the new National College for High Speed Rail will be located in Birmingham and Doncaster. The home of the new National College for High Speed Rail will be located in Birmingham and Doncaster, the government announced today (30 September 2014). The headquarters will be based in Birmingham and the college will also have a site in Doncaster. It will provide specialist vocational training to the next generation of engineers working on the High Speed 2 (HS2) project and beyond."

    As many as 2,000 apprenticeship opportunities will be created by HS2, and there will be around 25,000 people employed during construction. HS2 will support growth in the wider economy and it is predicted that this could lead to an additional 400,000 jobs.


    When was the last time our government created 25,000+ jobs and 2000 new apprenticeships?

  • "Harden up and get on with the job." Bernard Salt, KPMG

    "Now is not the time for faint hearts. Now is the time for strength and vision in the delivery of infrastructure" Bernard Salt, KPMG partner, social editor for The Australian and adjunct professor at Curtin University Business School, for Property Council of Australia.

    Well said Bernard.

    What's at stake 100,000 jobs, a brand new industry, regional development, cheaper and cleaner transport options for 11,000,000 Australians, less pollution, less congested roads and about a dozen other great benefits. It's a no brainer!

    Property Council of Australia - Harden up and get on with the job
    Right now, Australia has about 24 million residents; by the middle of the century, the figure is likely to top 40 million.
  • California has a transport vision.

    Will Australia's vision be limited to having "the roads of the 21st Century?"

    #auspol #vision

    The future of California, a concept drawing of California High-Speed Ground Transportation Corridor