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  • Sydney to Canberra - 57 minutes. Sydney to Newcatle = 39 minutes

    The Corridor X branch is 350 km long, with the section through Serbia totaling almost 200 km. According to earlier estimates, the construction of the high-speed railway between Belgrade and Budapest would cost between EUR 1.5 to two billion.

    As agreed with the Chinese prime minister, the feasibility study will be completed in three months at the latest, the construction itself cannot exceed two years, which means that in two and a half years the train ride to Budapest could take two hours and 24 minutes, instead of eight hours as is the case now, Mihajlovic told Belgrade-based daily Politika.

    Belgrade-Budapest HSR to be built by 2017
    China has signed an agreement with the governments of Serbia, Hungary and Macedonia for the construction of a new high-speed railway between...
  • China flexes its high-speed rail muscles by rolling out 32 new routes in one day.

    World's largest HSR network to expand.

    Not to be outdone by California, the Chinese just laid out 32 new high speed rail routes in a single day!

    China is already home to the world's newest and largest high speed rail network - larger than the rest of the world put together!

    The 32 new lines include a new link that cuts the 1,780 km (1106 miles) trip between Guangzhou and Shanghai to seven hours from 16.

    China has projects in over a dozen countries, as well as plans to more than double its own domestic network of high-speed rail, which is already the world's largest.

    Last month, it began opening a high-speed railway in Xinjiang that is the beginning of a "New Silk Road" of land and maritime routes between China and the rest of Asia.

    More broadly, China aims to create a web of high-speed rail that reaches as far as America on one end and the United Kingdom on the other, with China in the middle and rail links across Central and Southeast Asia.

    China flexes its high-speed rail muscles by rolling out 32 new routes in...
    China aims to create a web of high speed rail that reaches from North America to Europe.

  • Does the NSW state seat of Monaro need a shake up? #Auspol
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    Two very interesting results from the recent Victorian Election
    1) 1 in 4 Victorians didn’t vote Labor or Liberal
    2) Independent Suzanna Sheed won the safe seat of Shepparton off the Nationals. Suzanna decided just 4 weeks out from the election to run as a independent, her polices were based on her passion for looking after Shepparton and the region.

    With the NSW State election on the 28 March next year imagine what could be achieved with up to 4 months notice.

    The Bullet Train for Australia/Canberra Party isn’t registered for NSW state elections.

    But we would love to throw our support and resources behind anyone that is truly passionate about high speed rail, jobs, our future and the community, by helping them run as a independent next March and hopefully do what Suzanna has done in Shepparton.

    If you live in NSW and are interested in running as independent next March please email