As a Bullet Train for Australia candidate I pledge to the voters the following:

1. I will support major Federal infrastructure investment, particularly East Coast of Australia high speed rail.

2. Commitment to sweeping campaign finance reform, including early disclosure of political donations.

3. Respect for the views of all humans, including support for more diversity in the corridors of power.

4. No climate change skepticism with real support for reducing emissions by adopting greener energy sources.

5. I support and acknowledge the diversity of all social views, especially marriage equality and euthanasia.

6. Commitment to limit poker machines outside of major casinos, and support live music.



Tim Bohm ­ Fenner (North Canberra)
TIM BOHM – Small Business Owner & Bullet Train Party President.
Tim grew up in Canberra and went to Narrabundah College and the University of Canberra. He is the Founder and Creative Director of 2B Advertising and Design. Born and bred in Canberra Tim has been extensively involved in the local Canberra arts, design and advertising community for many years. Tim is passionate about his family of 5, Canberra, technology, design and football (soccer). Tim has been advocating for high speed rail for Australia since 2012. Tim was a NSW Senate Candidate for the Bullet Train for Australia Party in the 2013 Federal election. Tim thinks we all know when you invest in yourself, your education, your children, your home or your business you are investing in a future with more opportunities and growth. HSR is a major investment in infrastructure which is an investment in Australia’s future. HSR will create Economical Growth, Employment, Regional Growth, it will enable families to live outside the major cities and HSR will also take cars of the roads and reduce carbon emissions.



Chris Bucknell ­ Canberra (South Canberra)
CHRIS BUCKNELL – Paralegal, Student & party membership coordinator. Chris grew up in Campbell and is currently a 3rd year law student at University of Canberra. Chris works part time in a local law firm. Chris wants a Bullet train because it is a cleaner form of transport and will help reduce the amount pollution created by planes and cars. Chris wants to give the people of the Canberra an opportunity to vote for High Speed Rail in this election and have their voices heard by the major parties. Chris also thinks it’s time to show the politicians that we’re sick of all the talk ­ we want high speed action on high speed rail. Only we can make this happen. ?Now is the time to take a chance to make Australia’s
greatest infrastructure project a reality.



Trevor Anthoney ­ Hume (Southern Sydney & Goulburn)
TREVOR ANTHONEY – Trevor is standing as a candidate in the seat of Hume because he believes high speed rail will be built on the Australian east coast in the future. Born in Gosford, he grew up in Lake Macquarie. Married with 2 beautiful children. Drummer, poet, artist, and philosopher with a non utilized Bachelor of Business degree from the University of Newcastle. Trevor thinks as both Sydney and Melbourne become mega cities, housing affordability and congestion are not going to be solved by building more toll roads. Australia needs to start planning and move positively towards establishing the necessary government framework to ‘make it happen’. By linking regional centres with high speed rail it becomes highly probable that regional development and economic growth will follow. Talk about jobs and growth? How about high speed rail! Even if we started planning today, high speed will likely take 5 – 7 years to fully complete the initial section from Sydney through Goulburn to Canberra. All we have to do is show the world that we are intent on building this ‘idea’, as there are many countries willing, right now, to contribute both technically and financially to this nation building project. After all, it’s not just a train, or just an ‘idea’, it is a future. Trevor was a house of reps candidate in Newcastle for the Bullet Train for Australia Party in the 2013 Federal election.



Jeff Moran ­ Corio (Geelong)
Jeff is the Managing Director AWTY Transport Consulting Pty, a Victorian based High Speed Rail Advocacy firm. When Jeff isn’t advocating for high speed rail for regional Victoria he is involved with regional and Melbourne based orchestras. Jeff is currently president of the Ballarat Symphony Orchestra a not-for-profit organisation bringing classical music to the Ballarat region of Victoria.