About High Speed Rail

High Speed Rail, as the name suggest, is a rail network which operates at a sustained speed in excess of 200 – 250 kilometres per hour. Such a network would be operable with the highest efficiency on the east coast, connecting regional centres and capital cities including Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Newcastle, Sydney, Canberra, Wollongong, the Southern Highlands, Albury and Melbourne.

Late in 2010, the Gillard Administration conducted a thorough study to determine the benefits and viability of introducing a HSR system connecting the fore mentioned areas along the East Coast.

It was determined that the cost of a new HSR system, whilst carrying many advantages for the nation, would cost less than a third of the billions of dollars spent maintaining degrading roads over the last 20 years.

As a Bullet Train for Australia candidate I pledge to the voters the following:

1. I will support major Federal infrastructure investment, particularly East Coast of Australia high speed rail.

2. Commitment to sweeping campaign finance reform, including early disclosure of political donations.

3. Respect for the views of all humans, including support for more diversity in the corridors of power.

4. No climate change skepticism with real support for reducing emissions by adopting greener energy sources.

5. I support and acknowledge the diversity of all social views, especially marriage equality and euthanasia.

6. Commitment to limit poker machines outside of major casinos, and support live music.