Dear Voter
RE: Upcoming Federal Election

CANBERRA_trainstation_seat_flat_CMYK32 years of talk and neglect by all sides of politics has left the nation well behind the rest of the world on highspeed rail. Now Bullet Trains will be a major issue in this election, and we will be the only party giving voters the chance to vote for something real. Millions of Australians will now have the opportunity to vote for something real that will benefit all people now, and every generation into the future.

There have been predictions that a High-Speed Rail Infrastructure in Australia won’t be completed for another 40 years. Japan was able to build a 500km system in 11 years. Not so impressive until you factor in that their commencement was more than 40 years ago. That allows for more than 40 years of technological development to play with. It took the Chinese only two years to build the 1318km Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Rail line! Sydney to Melbourne is half that distance. With governmental support we expect to have the Melbourne – Sydney Corridor open and running within 5 years of commencement.

Some other key points to consider in our Stage 1 proposal:

  • HSR will be accessible to over 12 million peopleacross the main population corridor of the east coast
  • Stage 1 trains will be running by the end of 2018
  • Government funding only requires 1% of federaland state budgets over 5 years to be committed to the project
  • We want to involve the private sector in development and funding
  • 100,000 jobs will be created across the East Coast of Australia – based on similar work in the UK with the HS2
  • Revitalise regional towns and regions
  • Future proof our public transport system and reduce impact upon the environment.

Charlotte Glick

Bullet Train for Australia Candidate