You can donate as much or as little as you can spare through your internet banking

Bullet Train for Australia
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After transferring your donation please email
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We will then send your ticket and receipt. If you don’t email your details it will be considered an anonymous donation. Please be aware that the majority of donors to Bullet Train for Australia give under $100, but some individuals and organisations have contributed more. Like all advocacy organisations, Bullet Train for Australia is required by law to disclose to the Australian Electoral Commission the identity of any donors who give over $11,200 in a financial year. These disclosures, however, take up to 18 months; for example, donations to political parties and advocacy organisations during the 2010 Federal Election won’t be disclosed to the public until February 2012. We believe those laws should be tightened, so Bullet Train for Australia is immediately making public all donations to Bullet Train for Australia over $10,000. All future donations over $10,000 will be published on this page within 30 days of their receipt. We are not aware of any other advocacy organisation or political party following such disclosure practices, but hope Parliament will legislate to require more timely disclosure in the future.