Future challenges for our community

Our country is currently facing challenges in maintaining competitiveness on an international level, securing long term economic growth and providing transport in an increasingly environmentally conscientious world. Among the issues facing Australian transport are:

  • Our clogged air ways; with over 2.5 million passengers filling one of the busiest air corridors in the world, running to both Sydney and Melbourne, Australia is in desperate need of an environmentally friendly and efficient alternative. A high speed rail system, operating at low cost, low emission and high speed would reduce the number of vehicles needed in the air, and give Australia the solution it needs.
  • CO2 output; Per capita, Australia pours out one of the highest levels of carbon into the atmosphere in the world. Car travel alone contributes 87% of all transport carbon, an this is a figure that needs to be addressed with an effective national strategy of alternative transportation. By reducing the number of vehicles on the road, a HSR system would be a big part of the solution to this problem.