The Bullet Train & Other Issues

Here at the Bullet Train party we are proudly focused on one (very big) single issue.

We don’t stray into discussions about other policy areas. It’s just not our bag.

We are often asked where we stand on other issues – from abortion to cracked footpaths, and everything in between.

So we thought it best to cover it all off now and save everyone the time & energy.

Drumroll please ………

The Bullet Train for Australia Party has no official position on any other policy areas apart from High-Speed-Rail (HSR), Bullet Trains, Very Fast Trains, Fast-rail and related topics.

This applies to all BTFA functionaries, dignitaries, candidates, volunteers and any other kind soul that may be involved with our party.

We don’t wish to constrain the views of anyone, but when speaking on behalf of the party, everyone is focused on 1 (one) goal – getting a Bullet Train.

When our candidates are elected to the parliament of the nation they will only promote high speed rail and pursue getting a Bullet Train as quickly as possible. Our elected MPs will abstain on voting from anything that is not related to high-speed-rail and getting a Bullet Train.

Matters of conscience will be considered on a case by case basis.

We hope this is clear to all and sundry.


The Bullet Train Team