Tickets & Donations

The Bullet Train for Australia Party is in the process of finalising candidate nominations for the July 2 election. The biggest hurdle for all our candidates is the nomination fee for each candidate. Each House of Reps candidate needs to find $1000 nomination fee and each senate candidate nominate fee is $2000.

We have members that are willing to run in NSW, ACT and VIC but need to raise $10,000 to cover the nomination fees. To help do this we are selling 10 unique tickets to your future, Talkbull’s Mansion, new industry, 100,000s of jobs and more.

These once in a lifetime tickets (or until the next election) will help ensure we give as many people as possible the chance to vote for a Bullet Train and to send a message to the our career politicians and major parties that we want action on high speed rail.

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